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International Guest Lecture the Course on Moderasi Beragama

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The Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy (AFI) Study Program, Faculty of Ushuluddin, State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Kudus held an international guest lecturer lecture on religious moderation through a zoom meeting, Monday, November 27, 2023. 
This event presented a guest speaker from Singapore, Dr. Syed Muhammad Adib Termizi bin Ahmad al-Jafari, a Singaporean religious practitioner. The guest lecture raised the theme "Religious Moderation Wasathiyah Islam in Singapore".
This guest lecture was opened by the lecturer of the religious moderation course in Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy, Mr. Moh. Muhtador, M.Hum. This activity involves Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy students, especially for the 3rd semester who get religious moderation courses.
This international guest lecturer lecture activity expects the students of Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy to know the thought of ummah and wasathiyah in Singapore, more than that as explained by Dr. Syed Muhammad Adib Termizi bin Ahmad al-Jafari is to know the life of Muslims in Singapore. In this theme, it is in line with the religious moderation course so that the knowledge and experience gained from this guest lecture can add insight into the existence of Muslims in Singapore, not only domestically but also abroad.

This activity was greeted enthusiastically by the students who attended and it is hoped that students who participate in this guest lecture can listen to the material well in order to develop academic insight.

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