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Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy Discussion Series: Explores Interplay Between Philosophy and Humanism

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In a captivating monthly discourse organized by the Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy Program, the focal point was the dynamic relationship between Philosophy and Humanism. Renowned speakers, including Yulianingsih Riswan from the University of Freiburg and a representative from Universitas Gajah Mada, led a thought-provoking dialogue.

The event, designed to deepen understanding within Islamic philosophical thought, examined the intricate interplay between Philosophy and Humanism. Yulianingsih Riswan, bringing her expertise from the University of Freiburg, offered illuminating insights, creating a global perspective on the subject.

Engaging discussions unfolded as participants explored how philosophy, particularly within an Islamic framework, intersects with the principles of Humanism. The discourse delved into the ethical dimensions, emphasizing the shared values that bridge philosophical inquiry and the human experience.

The Monthly Discussion served as a platform for a diverse exchange of ideas, reflecting the commitment of Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy Program to fostering intellectual exploration. Attendees left with a deeper appreciation for the nuanced connections between philosophy and humanistic principles, underscoring the program's dedication to promoting scholarly discourse.

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